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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Am I the only one,

Who is wondering about the future of Dior and about the fame and infamy that is now John Galliano.
Galliano was a true talent, who had vision and created shows of fantasy and beauty. Even Galliano's personal lines were spunky, youthful, and full of imagination and freshness. Dior though clearly inaccessible and unwearable to the majority of the public was none-the-less a house of success in terms of fashion inspiration while under Gallianos direction. Dior, in my personal opinion, is now in shambles while its proprietors scramble to collect all the pieces and put them meticulously back together in a hurry.
Raf Simmons was recently made artistic director at Dior and I have high hopes, but even higher expectations, for him as he replaces Galliano creative shadow.
Unfortunately, Galliano did make the terrible mistake of blurting out antisemitic comments that infuriated the entire fashion community and millions worldwide. Hence his release from Dior and from his own brand. And this is where my favorite question arises. Is it is fashion sacrilege not only to by Galliano but Dior by Galliano? Is his name so besmirched that all his work is now condemned with him?
Leave your opinion in the comments. I'd love to hear other peoples thoughts on the subject.

If I return

It will be for real this time. As I've come to realize I have alot to say about the fashion world and I want people, if only a few, to hear it.
So here I am returning to the blog of my origins.
Be expecting the first new post within the next couple hours.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

BeFitting Change

My dear friends, followers and lovers.
I'd like to announce that BeFitting has lost it's flow and froth.
But...there is hope!
I have started a new blog, less; bleak structured and snitty.
But have no fear I will occasionally do my signature styling post and will try to keep you up to date on great sales, great new brands, and all kinds of other fashionable goodies. So please, try out my new blog  Me.Myself.& Coco.
@ http://memyselfcoco.blogspot.com/

I love you all and hope for your support in my new venture.