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Monday, August 29, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

BeFitting Couture Haute Cinquième Partie

Maison Martin Margiela:

Filled with unique sheers, deconstructed pieces, and highly tailored pieces, this collection has a little of everything. The collection flows very well and you can see the concept and growth of the designers collection. While the pieces are mismatching, they stand alone as beautiful separates and would fit uniquely in any ones closet. The perspective of the collection to me is very unique. Everything seemed well thought out and yet very natural. I would wear many of the pieces of Martin current couture because of their beautiful thoughtfulness and uniqueness.
My favorite peice is the first peice of this collection and is a semi-sheer pantsuit.

Maxime Simoen:

A beautifully tailored collection with a rustic glamour feel to it due to its seemingly futuristic-tribal influences. The palette ranges but fits every piece well, the prints are interesting and the cutouts help fulfill some of the extra pop. The range of materials is seemingly never ending and each is seemlessly tailor to fit and complimet the other.
My favorite peice was an above the knee length dress with chandelier and rouching detailing on the bodice. Finished off with a light sheer train.

Stephane Rolland:

This amazing couture wasn't simply constructed, it was masterfully architected. The details in silks, beading, knit, and other modes of design are astounding. The palette is most black but when Rolland used color is was divine and the fabric was seemingly melting with color. He also played well with different shapes and cuts. Even some of his more deconstructed loose looks seem very articulately designed and constructed. This collection by far is one of my favorite and has so many pieces I would kill to wear.
My favorite look (it was so hard to choose just one) was perhaps the simplest of the whole collection; a large collared draped cross over gown in black silk.


The collection was reminiscent of the Spring couture but had distinct new influences that translated well into the new season. Most were floor length gown with mostly solids and some sheers. Tailored jackets were a nice staple to the collection. Hues of nude, beige, brown, gold and green make the collection perfect for the season and will translate well into red carpets later in the season. The collection for me wasn't fully inspired enough for my taste, by that I mean it had too many points of view and inspirations that didn't flow together very well. I thought the color palette was gorgeous and the use of sheers and cutouts was beautiful.
My favorite piece was a simple nude floor length gown with braided waist detail and shoulder puckering.

BeFitting Couture Haute Quatrième Partie


With full sheers and other rich materials and exquisite detailing Givenchy again captures a new but classic female essence that is both romantic and nostalgic while still being very modern and cutting-edge. the color scheme was simple but well used in pure whites and nudes. The structure was similiar for most of the garmets yet some broke from the path slightly but only to return to a classic floor length gown. This collection is one of my favorites as sheers and whites are some of my favorite things. Being only ten peices it was short but taking the time to look at all the beatiful detailing made the experince more long lasting.
My favorite look was a white long sleeve peice with fringe accent and matching fringe clutch.

House of Worth:

Known for their beautiful corsetry Worth once again delivers the corset in a new way. The collection has a bow of infinity as it's common factor as well as ribbing hip accentuation. The collection was done in blacks, nudes and some white, with splashes of prints. The detailing on the pieces attests to the amazing craftsmanship that goes to each one of the garments. To me it is the most couture in concept as each piece would have to be made for a specific clients dimensions. Its a really well executed collection, some of the pieces come off as a little over thought but in general the collection hit a good spot for me.
My favorite look was a jacket-corset combo, grey with a cheetah prints in black. The over corset is done in black velvet and has hip accentuating ribbing as well.

Jean Paul Gaultier:

Gaultier stuck to his guns with a continuation of his last couture and dishes out a perfectly rock-and-roll inspired fall couture. The collection featured both male and female models, the females rocked long gowns, mid calf skirts, and tu-tu's, The materials were for the most part very light and flowey with the occasional appearance of leather. The men in couture were dressed androgynously in feathering skirts, long dress-trenches, and sheer decorated leggings. It also featured fur and feather trims, some bead work, and exquisite tailoring. The collection had some concepts that were very reminiscent of past McQueen collections which was hardly noticeable unless your an avid McQueen fanatic. Otherwise the androgyny excited me and was quite empowering. While some of the female peices seemed abit unnecisary or over thought the general consensus of the collection was gorgeously designed.
My favorite peice was a male couture peices, sheer leggings with beading detail. Deep 'V' draped top with silver sporadic print with black beaded trim, and  light grey trench with fur lapel.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

BeFitting Me

And so ends my final summer. Not with a bang, but a fizzle. So seemingly effortlessly it past me by. An amazingly unforgettable trip to San Francisco now feels like a beautiful dream I created in my head. As for the other eleven or so weeks I can't say I remember much. I feel really shitty. For letting my friends down mostly and for letting myself go so much.

I stopped feeling pretty weeks ago. It was like life said "Mmm, your done." and then took my pride and my design abilities, and my creativity with it. I feel old, to old to go anywhere in life, to old to love, to old to care, to old to really give a shit. It hurts feeling this way and yet being the crotchety old lady I always have been, I still kind of don't care.

I have big dreams and high expectations and with peoples in ability to grasp or accept that my faith in my dreams and abilities are slowly dwindling. I'm beginning to fall into a state of settling for mediocrity that I've dreaded for a very long time. It scares me and I don't know what to do.

I've had a lot of time to think while being sick, just time to sit and think and listen and hear and notice the people around me. It's generally upsetting to think for so long, and to realize so much.

I'm a hopeless romantic, my first love will always haunt and nostalgize me. I will always want him back. I'm a big dreamer, and a lot of people don't get my point of view. That's breaking down my hopes for the future. I'm an old spirit I'm full of both knowledge and ignorance. Very little will change my beliefs and yet I am infinitely learning. I hate people a lot of the time. It has a lot to do with my still evolving self-esteem. I want to break the rules of what is proper to society. But, I still stay within certain guidelines of normality. This to me is weakness and I must conquer it.

My mind is more restless than it has ever been in these past few weeks. I am troubled and at the same time enlightened.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BeFitting Couture Haute Troisième Partie

Elie Saab:

A frothy delicate form of a truly feminine woman is portrayed and comes across in beautiful ice white-blue, navy, nudes, and steels all in various forms of light sheers. Highly decorated in precise beading, layering, and lacing. For me the collection meets and surpasses my high expectations for Mr. Saab's Couture this season. He never ceases to amaze me with his ability to enhance the female form with such ease. My favorite look (which was the hardest to pick so far) is an icy white floor length sleeveless gown with silver beading and floral details.

Giambattista Valli:

Gorgeously tailored and expertly designed, the collection starts off simple elegant and lady like in blacks and whites with pops of a bright peach. The collection then takes a subtle turn introducing elegant gowns in surprising colors and prints while making the blacks and whites into daring an vivid tailored gowns. The collection was fun and visually exciting while still maintaining an air of a chic woman. The collection had pieces for every occasion and had suitable wear for all ages of womanhood.
My favorite look (also had difficulty deciding on this one) is this statement peach gown was one of the three Finale gowns with a short front and huge full train.

Giorgio Armani Prive:

Asian inspired and styled, it contained many prints of that nature and shaped of that region. The color palette was mainly black with hints of red, pink and orange. It wasn't the most stylish collection by standards of my taste. It came off as a bit tacky and too literally Asian inspired. The use of minimal color was bland and made the collection come off as a bore.
My favorite look is a white pant suit with a delicately colored Asian floral print.

BeFitting Couture Haute Deuxième Partie

Bouchra Jarra:

A palette greys/silvers, cobalt blue and blacks. The shape of the collection was mostly loose on the body. Well cut and tailored cleanly. Above the knee low waisted cocktail dresses made the majority of the collection while pant separates made a small but last appearance. The collection to me was slightly monotonous and came across as overly wearable. The tie across dresses and over similarity through out the designs came across as amateur or unimaginative.
My favorite look was a blue seemingly sportswear inspired look that I felt was the most relaxed but also best made of all the garments.


Karl created for us this season a very conservative yet tantelizing collection. Small peeks of skin while most everything else was covered up in classic tweeds, semi-sheer gloves or other skewing overlays. The collection comes across harsh and has very little lightness to it. Sticking to Chanels signature color palette of black, white, and grey but also including majentas, navys, and some metallics. The collection was not my favorite in terms of Chanel Couture, the aura was too heavy for me and while I usually gravitate toward a more somber and strict colllection this one had a strange matronlly feel that kept me at bay from liking to much of it.
My favorite look was a bright majenta skirt suit which was one of the lightest feeling peices of the entire collection.

Christian Dior:

Amidst the contreversy of John Galliano's leave at Dior, his apprentice Bill Gaytten took center stage for presenting this seasons Dior Couture. The the feel of the collection is firey and sweet, then sultry and decadent. The collection had a large aray of both colour and pattern in it. While also being highly shaped and supremely cut. This collection for me did not do the justice that Galliano did for Dior. The collection sent across mixed messages and lost a distinct point of view in concept, design, and inspiration. My favorite look was a confection colored crop jacket with large button detail and a black and white geometric high waisted skirt.

BeFitting Couture Haute Une Part

I'll be reviewing all 2012 Fall/Autumn Haute Couture collections. Giving a short review and my opinions on them, and then a photo of my favorite look from each show. Thank you to vouge.co.uk for the images and comprehensive photographs from each of the shows. There are sixteen shows there will be five posts. Four with three show, One with four.

Alexis Mabille:

The collection comprised of mostly dark or muted colors with some splashes of yellow, rust and green. Accessorising consisted of aviary feathers and were sometimes included on garments. Most were classical shapes though some did break from the normal interpretation of these shapes. This is the first one I've seen so far but I'm hardly impressed the materials were unflattering and the use of feathers came across as tacky or an after thought.
My favorite look was the Finale look a simple green princess wedding gown.

Anne Valerie Hash:

The collection was done in pastels and classic blacks and whites. The air of the collection felt reconstructed but finely tailored. There was still a draped comfort through out the collection that came off slightly pret-a-porter. I was none-the-less fond of many pieces of the collection.
My favorite look was the Finale look which seemed to be a ladies tuxedo style jumper upon first glance but then when looked at for its actuality you realize it is a dress that closes loosely.

Azzedine Alaia:

Rich greens, maroons, blacks and Mongolian furs made this collection full of body and sensuality. It was lady like and gorgeously tailored. Alaia's use of crocodile was simply beyond words and his use of the Mongolian furs was impeccable and perfectly on point. The collection (his first in eight years) was in words, that do it no justice, extremely beautiful and a testament to the designers abilities.
My favorite look was a two pieced crocodile ensemble toward the beginning of the collection. Zip up crocodile sleeveless top and crocodile skirt trimmed with Mongolian furs.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BeFitting. BeDaring. BeHaute.

Since Summer is coming quickly to a close it's important in these last few weekends to get out with friends and generally enjoy the feeling and freedoms of Summer. The looks I made for you all this evening are  Day and Night looks. On the left will be all the Day looks and on the right will be the Evening wear.

Colour Coded:
Thomas Wylde Skull Bag --45
ASOS Shift Dress --70
Stunning Green Wrap Style Belt --30
Steve Madden Grettta in Purple --130

Colour Blvd.:
Loubi Emerald Satin Clutch --1030
Sleeveless Iridescent Velvet Dress --310
Mina Jacket --175
Steve Madden Grettta in Purple --130

Femme Haute:
Jean Paul Gaultier Covertible Zip Dress --900
Saffiano Lux Executive Tote, Small --1560
Dolce Vita JEMMA --220

Feminam Couture:
Jean Paul Gaultier Covertible Zip Dress --900
Alexander McQueen SPHERICAL CLUTCH BAG (Rare) --1425
Feather Pumps w/ Gold Brocade Heel --375

House Cat:
Gucci Epaulette Top --750
Ida Trousers in Red --95
Senso Evita --130

Feline Instincts:
Tibi Gemma Knit Dress --400
Senso Delilah --290

I hope you've taken away some inspiration for your final days and nights of summer wardrobe. Be wild and always be open to be adventurous and brass when you shop and when you dress. That's what these outfits were about being exciting and daring for all times and occasions.
Feel free to drop comments or show outfits you've made with my inspirative help, via Facebook, Blogspot, or Twitter.

Facebook: Dario Villanueva
Twitter: @divusdar

Love you all.

Monday, August 1, 2011

BeFitting Me

I know...AGAIN??

I'm really sorry I haven't posted much new stuff and you still haven't been exposed to my experiences from San Fran. I truly do want to share them with you but right now I've got a lot on my hands, and with the spare time that I have all I want to do is relax and play video games or sleep. I know it must seem irresponsible and irrational but it's my last technical summer vacation and I'm still trying to treat it as such. Since my silence is beginning to annoy even me I shall make another post succeeding this one.

It will be on the subject matter of one of my Favorite things on this planet, and the days following that I will post one days worth of notes I took whilst in San Fran, very good?

I hope and thank all of you who have taken the time to participate and read my posts I promise to be a better blogger once things settle a little more here at home. :)

Until then join blogspot and drop me some killer comments on what my first giveaway should be, what you like most about each post, or your favorite style out of all the ones I've done so far. I'd really love to hear from all of you.

Love you all.