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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Be Fitting in Christian Louboutins

I asked you all to submit your favorite pair of Christian Louboutins in the chance of having me style an entire look around the pair you picked. Madi Salazar, Netty Darko, Rosenda Castilla and a pick of my own are the selected shoes to be styled. Each shoe is individual and a beautiful piece of craftsmanship by the genius designer Christian Louboutin. Some of these shoes are currently in season, some of them no longer in season but still available at fine retailers. I have to say if there was ever anything to splurge on it would be a pair of Christian Louboutins they are a staple as well as a statement. I hope more of you will participate in the next mini-contest. Till then, Love you all and enjoy the styling.

Madame Ascot: (Madi Salazar's Submission)
Couture Black Wings Headpiece --300
Vintage RBG Wiggle Dress --56
Spike Pumps by Christian Louboutin --1500

Maine Street: (Netty Darkos' Submission)
Lobster Brooch --14
Turquoise Linen Dress --175
Stud Quilted White Purse --35

Midnight Walker: (Rosenda Castillas' Submission)
Blue Sequin Tuxedo Shirt --36
Black Leather Mini-Shorts --42
Calypso Pumps Black/Blue (Link is to a replica site) --Replicas-180 --Real CL's 820

Everlasting Mourning: (BeFittings' Favorite)
Black Rabbit Leather Mask --80
Daffodil Black Suede Pumps --Available in stores world wide 1100

Each outfit is Unique and has it's own sense of drama and beauty to it, and was styled for what I found was the best way to wear each shoe.

I as a fellow CL lover have to warn you all out there if you buy CL's online do it from a reputable store front. Other sites that sell them for 50% off or under 800$ probably isn't you best shot for genuine CL's. If you are in fact looking for CL replicas make sure the site is just as reputable and high quality, find a site that has pay-pal as a safety measure. But I encourage most of all that you save your pennies, nickel, dimes, and bills to buy a true genuine right out the box pair of Christian Louboutins.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

BeFitting Me

In the past couple of days a lot has happened in my personal life and my family's public matters. It's all a very sticky situation and has me in sort of a funk. But my posts just recently have been doing very well so I must be doing something right. I'm sure staying up till 5 a.m. to finish them has something to do with it.

My trip to San Francisco is inching nearer and nearer and I still have yet to pack at all! I have so much to do to get to that point. Like actually decently clean my room so I can walk around panicked whilst trying to pack. Ha ha. I wanted to cut my hair for the trip and post debut images of it upon my return, but it looks like for now I'm stuck with my ancient Bieber-esque haircut. I'm hoping to grow it out super long or cut it super short, but in both occasions I want to dye it some ridiculous AudreyKitching-esque color. But until I get a job I am stuck in the monotony of brown and medium length hair.

In other news most brands are presenting their Spring-Summer Ready-to-Wear for Men 2012. Most of them are extremely impressive Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, and Comme de Garcons, have most of my attention at this point and will take me some time to come around finding interest in other Menswear collections.

Lastly prepare for at least one more post for today before you can close the tab you have my page in. Of course it will probably come about 4:30 a.m. so I suggest you wait up for me. I was also messaged by a photographer friend of mine today in hopes of putting a photo-shoot together. So we shall see where this takes me, hopefully to a good place. Ha ha.

Love you all.

Anyone know where I can buy some killer Mickey Mouse ears? I really need some in order to make my life feel complete. Leave info in a comment if you can.

Be Fitting in Summer Cardigans

At the whim of a request from Siah Starr, this next post is dedicate to the ever versatile and lovable Cardigan. While coming in a range of colors, thickness', and styles, the cardigan is one piece of clothing everyone of any gender should have at least one of in their closet. Timeless and classy the cardigan has been around since about the late 1850's. It has in recent years become the fashion staple it is today due to many fashion house's mainstreaming them into their men's runway collections. The cardigan has been featured in both Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer runways. The following styling is meant for the Spring Summer months. Light and airy cardigans with perfectly suitable Casual and Dressed-up Casual looks.

Kate Casual:

Classic Summer:

Light Picnic:

Downtown Breeze:

These looks are best worn with the cardigans unbuttoned. Just a tip.
I hope this helps you style your ever important Summer wardrobe.
If you have any styling issues you'd like me to help you solve, leave a comment and perhaps I'll choose your styling problem as my next post!

Love you all.

BeFitting History

Tonight history was made here in the U.S. of A. Specifically in the state of New York.
Tonight Governor Andrew Cuomo, signed into law the Gay Marriage bill that scantly made it past New Yorks estranged Senate. None the less Gay right activists and LGBTQ couples through out New York are celebrating the monumetous occasion. The anticipation many gay citizens must be feeling is indescribable in a mere 30 days many couples will head to courts state wide to be married. This concept is both heart warming and tremendously game changing for what I hope is only a mere first in many states moving toward passing gay marriage laws. Ha ha, Oh my, I got a little weepy just thinking about it. In honor of this historic event I bring you three same-sex wedding styles for you. God Bless New York.

Simplicity Convertible Bridal Veil w/ Delicate Embroidered Edge and Lace Appliques --265

Giuseppe Zanotti Choker --932
Tuxedo Dress --2640
Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Platform Ankle Boots --795

Asymmetric Pouf Blusher Veil --160
Vintage Men's White Tuxedo Shirt --35
Rachel Roy Crepe Wide Leg Pants --220
Penelope And Coco Suede Bootie --482

Polo Ralph Lauren Custom-Fit Formal Bib Regent --165
Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Peak Lapel Tuxedo --1500

Simplicity 2 Tier Bridal Veil --160
Sculpted resin and leather sandals --3495

Yves Saint Laurent Single-Breasted Tuxedo --2950
Burberry Prorsum Slim Pleated Bib-Front Shirt --190
Salvatore Ferragamo 'Party' Slip-On --520

I hope you really enjoyed looking into my vision of a modern fashionable Gay Wedding attire. Last but not least nothing says I love you when you're proposing; whether your lover is male, female, or transitioning, like a baby blue Tiffanys box and a gorgeous ring nestled inside waiting to be slipped on their finger the moment they say, "Yes."

Love you all.

I'll explain why I didnt post for so long recently in a New BeFitting Me coming up later today.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

BeFitting Me

It's only about one o'clock. But, it feels like four to me.
Went to the Tanger Outlets in San Marcos today and I'm super drained.
But I figured as my peek toward almost 300 views comes closer it's best to have more posts flowing. Three hundred, from seven different countries it truly is amazing. I thank each and everyone of you for checking out this blog and hope for your continued support. <3

Back to the point.
Today was the first time in a long time I'd been in a formal shopping center. It was overwhelming. I'd forgotten the thrill of trying things on. It's a very ethereal experience. It has me excited to do more shopping. But I also noticed while I was shopping I was pickier and less sporadic in taste than I used to be. I know this is a sign my taste is refining and defining itself which in general is a religious experience of its own.
I'm listening to a play list of Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours' and Adele's '21'. Both are amazing albums I suggest for all of you to purchase.

I think since today was a shopping day I shall show you what I would have bought today had I had the money to. Also I didn't get to try or buy any heels because my Mother and Father were there. Lame. I'll just have to try getting some soon.

Friend of Jack, Red Touch Black:
Python Knuckle Duster Clutch --Sale 1645
Max Azria Cutout-back crepe blazer --Sale 172
Diamond Skull Pop Art Tank Top --14
Super Skinny Jeans --50
Yves Saint Laurent 'Palais' Platform Pump --720

I love you. Have a great week and be expecting posts through out the week as I prepare for San Francisco!

P.S. Just realized it's NOW four o'clock and it only feels like two. God my sleep pattern is completely screwy.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

BeFitting an Americano

I met a girl in East L.A. in floral shorts as sweet as May. She sang in eights in two Barrio chords. We fell in love, but not in Court.

This week is very important to the Gay Marriage movement. In the New York Senate Senators are debating and need only one more Republican Senator to support the movement to bring it into law. While in Los Angeles Anti-Gay organizations are appealing the ruling of Former Judge, Vaughn Walker, who after retiring opened up about his own same-sex relationship.

I'm proud that New York is making such a strong push towards legalizing Gay Marriages and of the Los Angeles Gay community who is standing strong in the face of opression.

The looks I present to you today are similiarly unisex as is my favorite form. They are more femimine looks and very light and summery. They were inspired by the song Americano by Lady Gaga, which in it's underlying contexts is a love story between Gaga and a woman she meets in L.A. and how this generation is still fighting for the rights of everyone to be able to love freely. The outfits are styled how I imagine the girl Gaga falls in love with would be dress. I hope you enjoy, please support all the shops that are linked and always feel free to leave comments.

Lux Rainbow Flower Headband --25
White Chiffon Sleeveless Button Up --40
Farmer's Market Shopping Vintage Floral Print Denim Shorts --35
Opening Ceremony Leather Platform Ankle Boots --345

East L.A.:
Handmade Fringe brown leather bag --110
Vintage 80s Acid wash cropped jean jacket --12
SML Spring Blooms Romper --75
Senso AGNES --175

If you are reading this in the New York area please contact your Senators and ask them to vote 'Yes' on Fridays vote on the Gay Marriage proposal. Follow this link to find ways to contact your Senators now.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

BeFitting Me

Blogging is a lot harder than I'd thought.
But I like it. I hope seeing as  almost have Two Hundred views in maybe two and a half days that this trend continues and increases. My main blogging inspirations right now, as in what I'd like my blog to feel, look, and the information it provides, are feedmink.blogspot.com, necolebitchie.com, and audrey.buzznet.com.
They each have such an amazing genuine and unique-ness that I hope comes across in my post thus far and past this post.
I suppose I've been trying to hard in a few of my posts and I promise I'll let things flow more naturally.
I'm in love. With this blog. With Fashion. With a boy who could care less. With myself. With knowing someone is actually at some point going to read this.
Haha. Okay. I'm Done.

Be Fitting In Jeffrey Campbell

Jeffrey Campbell is a shoe genius and proves so again with his reintroduction of new style of his famous Lita boots and introduction of new styles for the summer season. Below are some of my picks for any shopper this summer.

If Color Blocking is the trend for you check out these Jeffrey Campbell's to help complete that BeFitting flare to your style!

1 -- Jeffrey Campbell 'Lita' Bootie --160
2 -- Jeffrey Campbell GARRET --150
3 -- Jeffrey Campbell Munroe Pump --150
4 -- Jeffrey Campbell LITA --160
5 -- Jeffrey Campbell 'Duncan' Sandal --135

If you keep it classic all summer in Black, Whites, or Nudes/Beige's then these next shoes are just BeFitting for you. This is one trend I'm super fond of and plan to use frequently through-out the summer months.

1 -- Jeffrey Campbell 'Bottle' d'Orsay Flat --110
2 -- Jeffrey Campbell SHERMAN NB --190
3 -- Jeffrey Campbell SO MUCH --140
4 -- Jeffrey Campbell MIRACLE --115
5 -- Jeffrey Campbell PAGE ONE --175

Finally the genre that is most BeFitting for myself is Shoe Shocker. If you're looking to have a pair of shoes that no one else will have this summer, or are looking for something with a large WOW-factor this next group of shoes will definitely have you looking individual and shocking this season!

1 -- Jeffrey Campbell SKATE --215
2 -- Jeffrey Campbell TICK --170
3 -- Jeffrey Campbell BENCHED --190
4 -- Jeffrey Campbell LANA --175
5 -- Jeffrey Campbell ZAG -- 175

BeFitting McQueen

Lee Alexander McQueen.

I was going to do this big explanational thing on how I found McQueen and came to love him but it seemed tacky and over glorified.

I love the McQueen brand and what it stands for. The reinvention of woman according to her own level of comfort and drama. His untimely death was terrible. The fact that I wasnt able to ever meet him, more so. He seemed like a man who knew what he wanted and was dedicated to his work completely. You will see alot of his influences in my styling, design, and general aesthetic. Long Live McQueen.

BeFitting Me

I was up till about 5 a.m. today.
I'm not really sure why I guess because I had nothing better to do.
I downloaded Beyonce's new Singles "1+1" and "Best Thing I Never Had". Both are amazing songs that I recommend you go buy.
Otherwise I couldn't help but push refresh on my stats every fifteen seconds to see how many, more people had looked at this blog since the last fifteen seconds I'd checked. Ha ha. You'll be glad to know or at least there's about 100 views from the United States, 2 from the United Kingdom, and 4 from Germany! I've got to say this blog really does mean a lot to me and I hope it reaches some kind of following or popularity, but I realize to do this I have to keep posting and making good solid posts.

So Amen Fashion.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

BeFitting Ginger Spice

The Spice Girls were an influential part of the 1990's and early 2000's. I'm going to do a small mini series of styling that reflects the individual style of each of the Girls but in an updated version. I hope you enjoy.

Here we have the iconic look of Ginger Spice, the Union Jack dress! This outfit can be used in a fun night on the town or just as great day wear outfit for someone with an adventurous Ginger Spice like attitude. ;D

lace + cotton hipster --12 each 30 for Three

BeFitting the Us's

Both of these looks are completely unisex and are meant to be worn as such. The inspiration was just being as atypically typical as possible. A lot of this is purchasable and you can follow the links below to find where you can get them. Hope to get some pictures of my friends enjoying San Antonio Pride, we'll see. :)

Jesus Rocks:
Vintage 80s Black & White Oversized Sunglasses Shades --18
Vintage 70s RARE Sequin Motorcycle BIKER Cropped Jacket --230
Jesus Christ God Rock Chic White T-Shirt Mini Dress --17
Vintage PANTERA black leather quilted tasseled cross-body --45
Brian Atwood Swarovski Crystal Rainbow Pumps --2500

Expect Change:
Natural Geometric Pattern Woven Band Fedora --17
Unique and RARE Black Mod 1960's Italian Sunglasses --74
Rainbow Alternative Spray Paint Shirt --22
Bullhead Drakes Skinniest Dark Slate Jeans --Sale 19 Regular 30
Shoes Painted -Rainbow Splatter- --120

Hope will never be silent. --Harvey Milk

Friday, June 10, 2011


Welcome to BeFitting.
A blog created to express my Fashion perspective, D.I.Y. creativity, Musical and Political opinions.
I do hope you enjoy my posts and recommend my blog to many of your constituents.