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Monday, July 25, 2011

BeFitting Me

It's been a bit since I posted something new but my older posts have been doing really well in maintain you all's interest, but tonight was a special night for me. Tonight I filled out Job Applications. It was a grueling time consuming task but the end result will definitely be worth it if I get any of the jobs I applied for. I'm nervous that no one will hire me but it'll just mean I have to broaden my scope of acceptability. Wish me luck.

Either way tonight I became obsessed with heelless shoes which will most likely be the subject of my next poll. (You all seem to like polls and they're exciting for me too. Thanks by the way for all of you who've vote on the current poll on the Villa de su Majestad post.) You all have to help me decide which ones I buy first.

Otherwise I've been really good, tired and in a bit of a rut socially but otherwise things are looking brighter. My nieces will be in daycare soon giving me more spare time, my friend Cristina, who is going to be my photographer for an up and coming shoot saw my inspiration shoots and loved them, so that most of all has me extremely excited.

Well I think that's all, oh, yes...I love you all.

P.S. I'm hopefully going to do a give-away soon. I'll keep you posted ;D
Any suggestions as to what to give away?
Comments always welcome.

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