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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

BeFitting Couture Haute Cinquième Partie

Maison Martin Margiela:

Filled with unique sheers, deconstructed pieces, and highly tailored pieces, this collection has a little of everything. The collection flows very well and you can see the concept and growth of the designers collection. While the pieces are mismatching, they stand alone as beautiful separates and would fit uniquely in any ones closet. The perspective of the collection to me is very unique. Everything seemed well thought out and yet very natural. I would wear many of the pieces of Martin current couture because of their beautiful thoughtfulness and uniqueness.
My favorite peice is the first peice of this collection and is a semi-sheer pantsuit.

Maxime Simoen:

A beautifully tailored collection with a rustic glamour feel to it due to its seemingly futuristic-tribal influences. The palette ranges but fits every piece well, the prints are interesting and the cutouts help fulfill some of the extra pop. The range of materials is seemingly never ending and each is seemlessly tailor to fit and complimet the other.
My favorite peice was an above the knee length dress with chandelier and rouching detailing on the bodice. Finished off with a light sheer train.

Stephane Rolland:

This amazing couture wasn't simply constructed, it was masterfully architected. The details in silks, beading, knit, and other modes of design are astounding. The palette is most black but when Rolland used color is was divine and the fabric was seemingly melting with color. He also played well with different shapes and cuts. Even some of his more deconstructed loose looks seem very articulately designed and constructed. This collection by far is one of my favorite and has so many pieces I would kill to wear.
My favorite look (it was so hard to choose just one) was perhaps the simplest of the whole collection; a large collared draped cross over gown in black silk.


The collection was reminiscent of the Spring couture but had distinct new influences that translated well into the new season. Most were floor length gown with mostly solids and some sheers. Tailored jackets were a nice staple to the collection. Hues of nude, beige, brown, gold and green make the collection perfect for the season and will translate well into red carpets later in the season. The collection for me wasn't fully inspired enough for my taste, by that I mean it had too many points of view and inspirations that didn't flow together very well. I thought the color palette was gorgeous and the use of sheers and cutouts was beautiful.
My favorite piece was a simple nude floor length gown with braided waist detail and shoulder puckering.

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