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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BeFitting Couture Haute Troisième Partie

Elie Saab:

A frothy delicate form of a truly feminine woman is portrayed and comes across in beautiful ice white-blue, navy, nudes, and steels all in various forms of light sheers. Highly decorated in precise beading, layering, and lacing. For me the collection meets and surpasses my high expectations for Mr. Saab's Couture this season. He never ceases to amaze me with his ability to enhance the female form with such ease. My favorite look (which was the hardest to pick so far) is an icy white floor length sleeveless gown with silver beading and floral details.

Giambattista Valli:

Gorgeously tailored and expertly designed, the collection starts off simple elegant and lady like in blacks and whites with pops of a bright peach. The collection then takes a subtle turn introducing elegant gowns in surprising colors and prints while making the blacks and whites into daring an vivid tailored gowns. The collection was fun and visually exciting while still maintaining an air of a chic woman. The collection had pieces for every occasion and had suitable wear for all ages of womanhood.
My favorite look (also had difficulty deciding on this one) is this statement peach gown was one of the three Finale gowns with a short front and huge full train.

Giorgio Armani Prive:

Asian inspired and styled, it contained many prints of that nature and shaped of that region. The color palette was mainly black with hints of red, pink and orange. It wasn't the most stylish collection by standards of my taste. It came off as a bit tacky and too literally Asian inspired. The use of minimal color was bland and made the collection come off as a bore.
My favorite look is a white pant suit with a delicately colored Asian floral print.

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