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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BeFitting Couture Haute Une Part

I'll be reviewing all 2012 Fall/Autumn Haute Couture collections. Giving a short review and my opinions on them, and then a photo of my favorite look from each show. Thank you to vouge.co.uk for the images and comprehensive photographs from each of the shows. There are sixteen shows there will be five posts. Four with three show, One with four.

Alexis Mabille:

The collection comprised of mostly dark or muted colors with some splashes of yellow, rust and green. Accessorising consisted of aviary feathers and were sometimes included on garments. Most were classical shapes though some did break from the normal interpretation of these shapes. This is the first one I've seen so far but I'm hardly impressed the materials were unflattering and the use of feathers came across as tacky or an after thought.
My favorite look was the Finale look a simple green princess wedding gown.

Anne Valerie Hash:

The collection was done in pastels and classic blacks and whites. The air of the collection felt reconstructed but finely tailored. There was still a draped comfort through out the collection that came off slightly pret-a-porter. I was none-the-less fond of many pieces of the collection.
My favorite look was the Finale look which seemed to be a ladies tuxedo style jumper upon first glance but then when looked at for its actuality you realize it is a dress that closes loosely.

Azzedine Alaia:

Rich greens, maroons, blacks and Mongolian furs made this collection full of body and sensuality. It was lady like and gorgeously tailored. Alaia's use of crocodile was simply beyond words and his use of the Mongolian furs was impeccable and perfectly on point. The collection (his first in eight years) was in words, that do it no justice, extremely beautiful and a testament to the designers abilities.
My favorite look was a two pieced crocodile ensemble toward the beginning of the collection. Zip up crocodile sleeveless top and crocodile skirt trimmed with Mongolian furs.

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