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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

BeFitting Couture Haute Quatrième Partie


With full sheers and other rich materials and exquisite detailing Givenchy again captures a new but classic female essence that is both romantic and nostalgic while still being very modern and cutting-edge. the color scheme was simple but well used in pure whites and nudes. The structure was similiar for most of the garmets yet some broke from the path slightly but only to return to a classic floor length gown. This collection is one of my favorites as sheers and whites are some of my favorite things. Being only ten peices it was short but taking the time to look at all the beatiful detailing made the experince more long lasting.
My favorite look was a white long sleeve peice with fringe accent and matching fringe clutch.

House of Worth:

Known for their beautiful corsetry Worth once again delivers the corset in a new way. The collection has a bow of infinity as it's common factor as well as ribbing hip accentuation. The collection was done in blacks, nudes and some white, with splashes of prints. The detailing on the pieces attests to the amazing craftsmanship that goes to each one of the garments. To me it is the most couture in concept as each piece would have to be made for a specific clients dimensions. Its a really well executed collection, some of the pieces come off as a little over thought but in general the collection hit a good spot for me.
My favorite look was a jacket-corset combo, grey with a cheetah prints in black. The over corset is done in black velvet and has hip accentuating ribbing as well.

Jean Paul Gaultier:

Gaultier stuck to his guns with a continuation of his last couture and dishes out a perfectly rock-and-roll inspired fall couture. The collection featured both male and female models, the females rocked long gowns, mid calf skirts, and tu-tu's, The materials were for the most part very light and flowey with the occasional appearance of leather. The men in couture were dressed androgynously in feathering skirts, long dress-trenches, and sheer decorated leggings. It also featured fur and feather trims, some bead work, and exquisite tailoring. The collection had some concepts that were very reminiscent of past McQueen collections which was hardly noticeable unless your an avid McQueen fanatic. Otherwise the androgyny excited me and was quite empowering. While some of the female peices seemed abit unnecisary or over thought the general consensus of the collection was gorgeously designed.
My favorite peice was a male couture peices, sheer leggings with beading detail. Deep 'V' draped top with silver sporadic print with black beaded trim, and  light grey trench with fur lapel.

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