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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Be Fitting in Summer Cardigans

At the whim of a request from Siah Starr, this next post is dedicate to the ever versatile and lovable Cardigan. While coming in a range of colors, thickness', and styles, the cardigan is one piece of clothing everyone of any gender should have at least one of in their closet. Timeless and classy the cardigan has been around since about the late 1850's. It has in recent years become the fashion staple it is today due to many fashion house's mainstreaming them into their men's runway collections. The cardigan has been featured in both Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer runways. The following styling is meant for the Spring Summer months. Light and airy cardigans with perfectly suitable Casual and Dressed-up Casual looks.

Kate Casual:

Classic Summer:

Light Picnic:

Downtown Breeze:

These looks are best worn with the cardigans unbuttoned. Just a tip.
I hope this helps you style your ever important Summer wardrobe.
If you have any styling issues you'd like me to help you solve, leave a comment and perhaps I'll choose your styling problem as my next post!

Love you all.

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