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Thursday, June 16, 2011

BeFitting an Americano

I met a girl in East L.A. in floral shorts as sweet as May. She sang in eights in two Barrio chords. We fell in love, but not in Court.

This week is very important to the Gay Marriage movement. In the New York Senate Senators are debating and need only one more Republican Senator to support the movement to bring it into law. While in Los Angeles Anti-Gay organizations are appealing the ruling of Former Judge, Vaughn Walker, who after retiring opened up about his own same-sex relationship.

I'm proud that New York is making such a strong push towards legalizing Gay Marriages and of the Los Angeles Gay community who is standing strong in the face of opression.

The looks I present to you today are similiarly unisex as is my favorite form. They are more femimine looks and very light and summery. They were inspired by the song Americano by Lady Gaga, which in it's underlying contexts is a love story between Gaga and a woman she meets in L.A. and how this generation is still fighting for the rights of everyone to be able to love freely. The outfits are styled how I imagine the girl Gaga falls in love with would be dress. I hope you enjoy, please support all the shops that are linked and always feel free to leave comments.

Lux Rainbow Flower Headband --25
White Chiffon Sleeveless Button Up --40
Farmer's Market Shopping Vintage Floral Print Denim Shorts --35
Opening Ceremony Leather Platform Ankle Boots --345

East L.A.:
Handmade Fringe brown leather bag --110
Vintage 80s Acid wash cropped jean jacket --12
SML Spring Blooms Romper --75
Senso AGNES --175

If you are reading this in the New York area please contact your Senators and ask them to vote 'Yes' on Fridays vote on the Gay Marriage proposal. Follow this link to find ways to contact your Senators now.

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