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Sunday, June 12, 2011

BeFitting Me

Blogging is a lot harder than I'd thought.
But I like it. I hope seeing as  almost have Two Hundred views in maybe two and a half days that this trend continues and increases. My main blogging inspirations right now, as in what I'd like my blog to feel, look, and the information it provides, are feedmink.blogspot.com, necolebitchie.com, and audrey.buzznet.com.
They each have such an amazing genuine and unique-ness that I hope comes across in my post thus far and past this post.
I suppose I've been trying to hard in a few of my posts and I promise I'll let things flow more naturally.
I'm in love. With this blog. With Fashion. With a boy who could care less. With myself. With knowing someone is actually at some point going to read this.
Haha. Okay. I'm Done.

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