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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BeFitting Couture Haute Deuxième Partie

Bouchra Jarra:

A palette greys/silvers, cobalt blue and blacks. The shape of the collection was mostly loose on the body. Well cut and tailored cleanly. Above the knee low waisted cocktail dresses made the majority of the collection while pant separates made a small but last appearance. The collection to me was slightly monotonous and came across as overly wearable. The tie across dresses and over similarity through out the designs came across as amateur or unimaginative.
My favorite look was a blue seemingly sportswear inspired look that I felt was the most relaxed but also best made of all the garments.


Karl created for us this season a very conservative yet tantelizing collection. Small peeks of skin while most everything else was covered up in classic tweeds, semi-sheer gloves or other skewing overlays. The collection comes across harsh and has very little lightness to it. Sticking to Chanels signature color palette of black, white, and grey but also including majentas, navys, and some metallics. The collection was not my favorite in terms of Chanel Couture, the aura was too heavy for me and while I usually gravitate toward a more somber and strict colllection this one had a strange matronlly feel that kept me at bay from liking to much of it.
My favorite look was a bright majenta skirt suit which was one of the lightest feeling peices of the entire collection.

Christian Dior:

Amidst the contreversy of John Galliano's leave at Dior, his apprentice Bill Gaytten took center stage for presenting this seasons Dior Couture. The the feel of the collection is firey and sweet, then sultry and decadent. The collection had a large aray of both colour and pattern in it. While also being highly shaped and supremely cut. This collection for me did not do the justice that Galliano did for Dior. The collection sent across mixed messages and lost a distinct point of view in concept, design, and inspiration. My favorite look was a confection colored crop jacket with large button detail and a black and white geometric high waisted skirt.

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  1. The bouchra jarra piece seems quaint but it sounds very dull even the outfit you choose seems rather plain.

    The Chanel sounds good and the peice you choose has a certain Gothic "scooby doo - daphnie" look to it which I did.

    As fore the Christian Dior piece I feel has a very bold look.